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The Thin Lizzy web site, run by an official team and featuring collaborations with original band members, family and friends.

ThereÕs lots of Thin Lizzy content out there, some good, some not so good - but itÕs all there for the same reason: a show of respect and appreciation for one of the most influential guitar rock bands of all time.

Our aim is to find the best of the best, and make it available for all to enjoy. This means that on this site you'll only get authentic, top-quality Thin Lizzy news, merchandise and information.

Contacts & Friends

For Thin Lizzy Ltd - David Taraskevics: davet@thinlizzy.org

This list will grow and grow, but to start it off thanks to all of those who have helped out and supported us along the way.

Scott Gorham, Brian Downey, Brian Robertson, David & Caroline Taraskevics, Sarah Lynott, Cathleen Lynott, Glyn Johns, Simon Bohannon, Josh Blair, Ben Findlay, Beckie Parsons.

Peter Nielsen - A most comprehensive Lizzy resource - www.thinlizzyguide.com
Denis O'Regan - Official Photographer - www.denis.co.uk
Robert Ellis - Official Photographer - www.repfoto.com
P G Brunelli - Official Photographer - www.repfoto.com
Alan Perry - Official Photographer - www.concertphotos.uk.com
Nigel Milk - Art Director - Tony Stiles - Site Design -- www.telepathy.co.uk
Tahir Basheer & Michael Thomas - Sheridans - www.sheridans.co.uk

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